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Klik! Size Lib.Net is a set of components to provide resolution independency to your .Net Windows Forms applications. 

Make Your User Interfaces Resizable

Klik! Resizer component in this package allows you to keep your controls font/size proportion whenever your forms are resized. This basic functionality allows you to resize your controls size, font and images whenever the form is resized thus allows you to keep the controls in your Forms/UserControls proportional no matter the change in it's size.

Beyond this basic functionality, Version 3 introduces a new feature called Custom Property Scaling. Using this feature you can additionally scale the properties you selected from your controls such as resizing grid columns without the need of writing any code...

Achieve Real Resolution Independency

Klik! SizePos component tracks your form's Size and Position values thus allows them to be opened at the same size and location at each start. Another nice feature of it, which completes our resolution independent paradigm, is the ability of tracking screen resolution changes. This is starting from your development environment and whenever your application is run in another resolution, all of your forms will be automatically scaled to adjust to that new resolution.

Third Party Support

Klik! SizeLib.Net has been extensively tested with the very popular windows forms controls in the market to ensure that you get the most compatibility. For this, it even supports non-native classes intruduced in those libraries such as the FontData class in Infragistics NetAdvantage suite. If you find any incompatibility with your favorite third party controls, just let us know and we'll do our best to achieve your goal...

Targets Your Development Platform

Klik! SizeLib.Net is offered in 2 dlls which each targets different .Net framework versions as v1.1 and v2.0 so there is no need to buy separate products for different framework versions and both dlls are also optimized for their target environments.

We have prepared different type of licenses for different type of needs. Please click one of the links below to go to the relevant page :

1 Developer License 149$
4 Developers License 299$
8 Developers License 449$
Site Wide License 749$
Site Wide + Source Code License 1499$

Existing Klik! SizeLib.Net users can use these special prices to upgrade to Klik! SizeLib.Net v3.0 (Requires old license key).

1 Dev. License Upg. 89$
4 Dev. License Upg. 179$
8 Dev. License Upg. 269$
Site Wide License Upg. 449$

The best way to see what our products does is to download and evaluate a trial version. Please click here to get the trial version of Klik! SizeLib.Net v3.0.8 for Windows Forms.

A Murphy rule says that no application can be bugfree!:) Please click here to get the latest update pack for Klik! SizeLib.Net v3.0.8 for Windows Forms.

Development Blog

Our development blog is now live where you can get information about upcoming developments and all other things about Klik! Software

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01.19.2010 - Klik! Windows Forms Library v1.0. has been released...
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I wanted to thank your staff for quick responses on questions that I had as well as choosing the right product. I wanted to let you know that was able to create an automated update routine for our product with over 160 tables being affected in just 1.5 hours. Doing this manually could have taken us days.

Great product and I highly recommend it to others. Best support I have ever experienced from any application/tools vendor.

Amir Azami
INX International Ink Co.

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