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Klik! DesignerLib.Net for Windows Forms, part of Klik! Windows Forms Library, is a set of components to add screen/form design ability to your applications. It's based on the same Windows Forms designer technology you use daily in Visual Studio thus provides a rich and easy to use form/screen design environment.

Rich Feature Set

As indicated above, Klik! DesignerLib.Net is empowered with the same technology you use daily to design your Windows Forms screens. It provides you the features you use daily such as :

- A design surface where you can put any type of Windows Forms control, both built-in .Net Framework and 3rd party controls are supported.

- Ability to freely position and resize of controls on a designsurface using both mouse and keyboard.

- Support for standard commands such as cut/copy/paste, control alignment, etc.

- Built-in UndoEngine to support undo/redo actions.

- Full support for Control/Component designer specific features such as verbs, smarttags, snaplines, etc. Custom designers you created for your controls are supported as well.

- Ability to save/load the design to/from a simple XML storage.

- A ToolBox control which acts similarly to the one you have in Visual Studio.

- An enhanced PropertyGrid control to easily filter the properties you want to show in it.

Next Generation Look

Klik! DesignerLib.Net does also present all these features with a nice look.

The common component provided with the library, KFormManager, allows you to skin your forms with Office 2007, Office 2003 and custom styles. ToolBox control support Office 2007, Office 2003 and Custom look as well.

It can't be much easier to create a modern an appealing designer application with Klik! DesignerLib.Net.

Next Generation Design-Time Experience

As a core share with other Klik! Windows Forms Library components, each component has it's own quick access menu associated with it which allows you to do many things with a single click such as applying styles, getting help, etc.

Targets Your Development Platform

Klik! DesignerLib.Net is offered in 2 dlls which each targets different .Net framework versions as v2.0 and v3.X.

We have prepared different type of licenses for different type of needs. Please click one of the links below to go to the relevant page :

1 Developer License 399$
4 Developers License 799$
8 Developers License 1199$
Site Wide License 1999$
Site Wide + Source Code License 3999$

The best way to see what our products does is to download and evaluate a trial version. Please click here to get the trial version of Klik! DesignerLib.Net v1.0.

A Murphy rule says that no application can be bugfree!:) Please click here to get the latest update pack for Klik! DesignerLib.Net v1.0.

Development Blog

Our development blog is now live where you can get information about upcoming developments and all other things about Klik! Software

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