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Klik! IconPack (Base Edition) is a set of images which can be used to enrich the look of your applications, websites, etc. It consists of 220 unique images and each image is provided in different size and formats to be used in your favourite development environment and technology.

Each image in this package is provided with the following formats :

- 32 bit ICO (Icon File Format for Windows).
- 32 bit PNG (Portable Network Graphics).
- XAML (Windows Presentation Foundation).
- XAML (SilverLight).

For ICO and PNG formats, we provide each image with the following sizes, in pixels :

- 16 x 16
- 24 x 24
- 32 x 32
- 48 x 48
64 x 64
- 72 x 72
- 96 x 96
- 128 x 128
- 256 x 256

For XAML editions, there is no need to provide different sizes as they are provided in vector drawing commands, so you can resize the image in any way you want. Two minor differences in XAML format is that they donít have drop shadow as you see in ICO/PNG versions and the colors might not look the very same of the ICO/PNG versions in some images.

We have prepared different type of licenses for different type of needs. Please click one of the links below to go to the relevant page :

Site Wide License 199$

The best way to see what our products does is to download and evaluate a trial version. Please click here to get the trial version of Klik! IconPack (Base Edition) v1.0.

Although a Murphy rule says that no application can be bugfree, we don't have any update for Klik! IconPack (Base Edition) v1.0 this time. Please check our site often for updates!

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Thank you for your follow up, I thought I was the only one that does follow up on a problem. Your suggestion worked just fine and I am using the product. I thank you for your prompt support and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Jose Colon
K&A Lumber Co.

Klik! SizeLib.Net Customer
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